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Blog entries from January 2011:

  1. "A Call to Stealing a Good Idea" posted by Uptight Motorsports Nerd on January 31, 2011   (3 comments)

    In my previous post I proposed holding the Winter Classic at Bristol Motor Speedway. Now I am going to take that same idea and apply it backwards.

    The Budweiser Shootout was fun when it was an invitational for last year?s pole winners. Now it is an invitational for whoever NASCAR thinks can make a marketable race. To make matters worse, .... Read the rest of this blog

  2. "Daytona: Exciting, Irwindale: Not So Much." posted by drewh on January 31, 2011   (5 comments)

    Well, the 2011 racing season has officially begun with the running of the Rolex 24 at Daytona and the Toyota All-Star Showdown in Irwindale, California. And of these two events, one was thrilling and the other not so much. But that?s racing as they say.

    The Rolex 24 was easily the most exciting twice around the clock event in recent memory. .... Read the rest of this blog

  3. "Harbingers Of Spring" posted by The Vicar on January 26, 2011   (3 comments)

    For some it may be robins (saw a couple yesterday), or swallows at Capistrano ( wikipedia says they haven?t returned for some time ), or buzzards in Hinckley, Ohio.

    For me the first hint is the Winter Solstice. The days begin to get longer (so to speak). The holidays come and go quickly leading to the Barrett-Jackson Auction. This is really .... Read the rest of this blog

  4. "NASCAR: Comparing 43-1 to the old system" posted by Talon64 on January 26, 2011   (19 comments)

    Just a few minutes ago Brian France officially announced that NASCAR would have a new point system; the winner of a race earns 43 points plus 3 bonus points for the win and 1 for leading a lap, meaning they can earn a minimum of 47 points. Leading the most laps earns an extra point so a race winner can earn as many as 48 points.

    But how exactly .... Read the rest of this blog

  5. "Predictor Cup Sign Up" posted by G14 on January 26, 2011   (17 comments)

    I put up a blog last week on how we were going to do the standings this year (please refer to the comments section for the two choices). To get an idea on how many people we will have for this year, please comment and say you will compete. Also, put in your choice of how you would like the standings done. The Daytona 500 is fast approaching and I .... Read the rest of this blog

  6. "NASCAR and the Media Which Covers It" posted by RR on January 20, 2011   (6 comments)

    I was reading the 2010 Ford 400 board (which has really taken on a life of its own, I must say). Normally, I tend to ignore the ?NASCAR basher vs. NASCAR apologists? debates which too often fill message boards and comment pages with the same arguments. That?s not to say I don?t care about the issue. Rather, I long ago made my thoughts clear on the .... Read the rest of this blog

  7. "Seahawks Syndrome" posted by The Vicar on January 19, 2011   (5 comments)

    And now it begins. Since the NFL rewards less than mediocre performance, Rusty Wallace Racing apparently has caught the fever. After 5 years and 157 Nationwide races yielding 0 wins, 4 top 5?s and 29 top 10?s, by NFL standards it?s time for Steve Wallace to go Daytona 500 racing. I?m sure Harry Hogg would say ?So you just want to up and run Cup!? RWR .... Read the rest of this blog

  8. "A Call to Cross Promotion" posted by Uptight Motorsports Nerd on January 19, 2011   (3 comments)

    I try to limit this blog to racing, but I?ve had an idea in my head for the last couple weeks that combines racing with another passion of mine: hockey.

    The NHL just played its fourth Winter Classic and ratings for the game rose for the fourth consecutive year. I initially wrote the Winter Classic off as a gimmick, but the more I think about .... Read the rest of this blog

  9. "More Changes for the 2011 NASCAR Season" posted by drewh on January 17, 2011   (9 comments)

    Last week in this space I wrote about the changes that NASCAR has proposed for the 2011 ?Bud Shootout?. And of course, since NASCAR couldn?t leave it at just that, we now have another change to deal with.

    By now I?m sure most of you have heard about the new rule that prohibits a NASCAR driver from competing for points in more than one series. .... Read the rest of this blog

  10. "Time To Go Racing in 2011!" posted by ajcrdstr24 on January 16, 2011   (0 comments)

    It's time to leave a decent 2010 with quite a few bright spots behind and begin the new year! Personally the first couple weeks of 2011 have been going fairly well. Made some money twice at the poker tables already and once again thinking that this could finally be the year that I win something big. Had a bit of a scare thinking we had to put my .... Read the rest of this blog

  11. "Thoughts and ideas for this years Predictor Cup" posted by G14 on January 14, 2011   (13 comments)

    Greetings fellow NASCAR friends, the season is almost here!

    After a great first year of the Predictor Cup, I am looking to make hopefully just some minor tweaks to the system. I don't want it to be anything drastic, but at the same time, I am really hoping to get alot more people on board this year.

    With that said, I am open to suggestions .... Read the rest of this blog

  12. "Bud Tweakout" posted by The Vicar on January 8, 2011   (13 comments)

    Nascar will begin the new season doing what it likes to do most ? messing with the rules. I do believe they would ?leave well enough alone? if they could ever decide what ?well enough? is. Of course in this day and age when the stakes and competition for the entertainment dollar are so high, the mindset may be that ?well enough? is not ?good enough?.

    Maybe .... Read the rest of this blog

  13. "2011 NFL Playoffs" posted by Cooper on January 8, 2011   (41 comments)

    The road to the Superbowl begins today with the Wildcard Playoffs. The defending Superbowl champions will take on the worst team to ever make the playoffs the Seattle Seahawks. This game will be followed by the Jets and Colts which should be the game of the week. Tommorrow we have a double header with the surprising AFC West champions Chiefs facing .... Read the rest of this blog

  14. "Green Flag: Hybrids & KERS" posted by Uptight Motorsports Nerd on January 2, 2011   (3 comments)

    Continuing the series of environmentally sound technologies entering the world of motorsports, we focus on hybrid engines and KERS. First, it is important to clarify the difference between the two technologies. Hybrid engines combine two power plants (usually internal combustion and electric), each of which is capable of propelling a vehicle independently .... Read the rest of this blog


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