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Blog entries from May 2010:

  1. "Who Killed the Indy Car?" posted by Uptight Motorsports Nerd on May 28, 2010   (8 comments)

    In 1995 AD, the CART IndyCar World Series was the most popular form of motorsports in the United States and was challenging FIA Formula One on the world stage. One year later a new product called the Indy Racing League took the ICWS's premier event and added it to their own series. Over the next decade both products lost viewers and eventually merged .... Read the rest of this blog

  2. "NASCAR, for the love of God, please dont shorten the races!" posted by G14 on May 26, 2010   (19 comments)

    Forgive me in advance, but this is going to sound like a rant, which it probably is.

    Believe it or not, NASCAR is better than any other sport when it comes to listening to the fans. Unfortunately, this is a major problem. As the cliché goes, if it aint broke, don?t fix it. Well NASCAR isn?t broke but they started addressing some concerns from .... Read the rest of this blog

  3. "Close But No Cigar and Looking Ahead to Upcoming Races and t" posted by ajcrdstr24 on May 26, 2010   (0 comments)

    Once again I have come home empty handed after the latest round of poker tournaments over the past couple weeks. Some heartbreak was involved including finishing second in a $500 winner-take-all tourney when I got unlucky during the last hand. I'm starting to feel like Jeff Gordon with all these recent second place finishes, haha! Suffered an enormous .... Read the rest of this blog

  4. "Braun, Stenhouse Jr... they got me thinking..." posted by Kirkyal on May 26, 2010   (15 comments)

    The other day i was reading through as many NASCAR related stats and comments as i could (which is a rather common event) and i came across Roush-Fenway Racing's Colin Braun and Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

    So what was it about these two young racers that got me thinking? Was it there early struggles this season? Was it the amount of equipment that .... Read the rest of this blog

  5. "My 600 Picks" posted by martin-n-rusty on May 26, 2010   (2 comments)


    Its been awhile, but when you work a job where the overtime flows like water lately, and you spend your offdays watching whatever auto races you can, and playing hockey, it does not give one much time to get on and go over picks from a previous race. That being said, lets go over my Dover picks. .... Read the rest of this blog

  6. "Should the All-Star Race Be Moved?" posted by Cooper on May 25, 2010   (11 comments)

    This topic has been discussed long before this, and it will be discussed long after this. There's no doubt that Charlotte is the home of NASCAR, and a perfect location to have an extra race for fun and money. But in my opinion it isn't fun enough nor exciting enough to garner the attention and hype it gets.

    The first official all-star race .... Read the rest of this blog

  7. "Jimmy Piersall 100" posted by The Vicar on May 24, 2010   (0 comments)

    Another good (All-Star) race is in the can.

    Nice show put on by the Busch Brothers. Regardless of the result, race in race out, Kyle is the one to watch.

    The IRL?s tweaking of the rules makes Nascar?s mucking with the rules seem amateurish. It took me years to figure out the Indy 500 qualifying system, and now they seem to ?improve? .... Read the rest of this blog

  8. "A few thoughts from the All Star Challenge" posted by G14 on May 24, 2010   (4 comments)

    I wrote about this a couple weeks back, but allow me to reiterate. There is no new Kyle Busch! If anything, his attitude is getting worse.

    Speaking of Kyle, you knew something was going to happen between him and Denny when the lined up side by side on the front row for the final segment.

    Jimmie Johnson is certainly not struggling since .... Read the rest of this blog

  9. "Of Hype and a Big Pile of Money" posted by drewh on May 24, 2010   (0 comments)

    According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, ?hype? is a transitive verb meaning ?To promote or publicize extravagantly.? They could?ve just said ?NASCAR All Star Weekend?. Or maybe NASCAR could?ve simply called it ?Hype Weekend?. Whatever you call it, it was a PR person?s dream. Nothing was too over the top, nothing was too excessive. The NASCAR PR .... Read the rest of this blog

  10. "Apocalypto" posted by Uptight Motorsports Nerd on May 21, 2010   (4 comments)

    During the latter days of Tony George?s regime, there was a comment that if the Indy Racing League is not profitable by 2012, there will not be a 2013 season. I wish to offer several examples of what such a future would mean for the Indianapolis 500.

    Standalone event: The Indy 500 is a standalone event operating under a ?run what you brung? .... Read the rest of this blog

  11. "The Driver/Fan Relationship" posted by NASCARgirl01 on May 21, 2010   (4 comments)

    What is it that connects a fan to their favorite driver? Is it because of who they are, how they drive, their talent level, who their best friends are, the team (or sponsor) they drive for, or because of an amazing experience meeting them? I have experienced most of those in picking out my drivers and a lot of them are wrapped up in why I like Brian .... Read the rest of this blog

  12. "The last time Bobby Labonte won a (Cup) race" posted by G14 on May 21, 2010   (6 comments)

    Here are some interesting nuggets since Bobby Labontes last victory in 2003. For a driver I idolized in the late 90?s, I really hope these stats can be erased next weekend at the Coke 600.

    The last time Bobby won a race?.

    -Joey Logano was 13 years old

    -Matt Kenseth had just won his first and only Winston Cup

    -Jimmie .... Read the rest of this blog

  13. "(Abuse of) Power Of The Press" posted by The Vicar on May 18, 2010   (3 comments)

    From the Associated Press: ?Former Nascar racer jailed after high-speed chase?.

    Nice (but misleading) headline.

    Technically, that?s a true statement. For all intents and purposes, that?s a shameful (or is it shameless?) statement.

    I seldom find myself needing to defend Nascar, but this is just a case of lazy and uninformed .... Read the rest of this blog

  14. "NASCAR should introduce a NEW Flag" posted by Cooper on May 18, 2010   (17 comments)

    Do I have your attention? I sure hope so.
    The date: May 15th, 2010
    Event: Heluva Good! 200
    With 5 laps to go, and the win in the books for Kyle Busch who leads by over 2 seconds, the caution flag waves.
    Not for an accident, not for debris, not for a spin, not for rain, but for a car on the apron with a flat.
    Now I know I'm not some .... Read the rest of this blog

  15. "JackeDover" posted by The Vicar on May 17, 2010   (1 comment)

    Another good race is in the can.

    Normally JJ?s daydreaming episodes just have an effect on his team and the teams his lapses may involve. This time, however, he deprived us of the only chance of a great finish. Cut it out, Jimmy. (His explanation can be found at scenedaily.com.)

    Dover provided us with a very rare occurrence ? no phantom .... Read the rest of this blog

  16. "Is Kyle better than Jimmie?" posted by G14 on May 17, 2010   (5 comments)

    Sorry, no blog last week. I had one on die cast collecting, only had time to put it on my site. If you want to read that one, go to puttyracing.com...

    Since winning his fourth consecutive Sprint Cup, the discussion has been where Jimmie Johnson ranks amongst the all-time greats. Some have even gone so far to say that he is the best ever.

    I .... Read the rest of this blog

  17. "Random nonsense" posted by wood_brothers21 on May 17, 2010   (0 comments)

    Surprised Smoke doesn't have Pillsbury as a sponsor; he's become quite the doughboy.

    I guess you could say Kyle Busch Doubled Down at Dover. I wonder if KFC sponsorship is far behind?

    It would be so cool to see Kenseth take a swig of Crown Royal right after an end of the race interview. Chug-a-lug, Chug-a-lug, make you wanna' say Hidey-Ho...

    Dang, .... Read the rest of this blog

  18. "McReynolds,Dixon,Hight,Coughlin,Webber,and Busch!" posted by drewh on May 17, 2010   (0 comments)

    The late models of the UARA-STARS series spent their weekend at Rockingham Speedway in North Carolina. ?The Rock?, a track that hosted NASCAR Sprint Cup races from 1965 until 2004, has been undergoing somewhat of a resurgence since being taken over by Andy Hillenburg. The track now hosts several regional race series each year and is used extensively .... Read the rest of this blog

  19. "The Success of Sponsorships" posted by NASCARgirl01 on May 14, 2010   (9 comments)

    This last weekend I was reminded again of how sponsorships affect purchases my family and I make. While watching Cup practice I caught a glimpse of Kyle Busch?s silver and green car with ?Doublemint? splashed all over the it. Later on I was standing in the checkout line at the store and saw a pack of Doublemint gum next to me. The combination of .... Read the rest of this blog

  20. "Darlington Weekend" posted by Floridaman1985 on May 13, 2010   (0 comments)

    I traveled back home to Mooresville, NC from Gainesville, FL this past weekend and attended the Southern 500 at Darlington with my dad and one of my buddies. I hadn't been back to the track since the 1992 Southern 500 and wasn't exactly sure what to expect. It turned out to be an awesome experience and I'd recommend it to anyone. It is a total throw .... Read the rest of this blog

  21. "My Dover Picks" posted by martin-n-rusty on May 12, 2010   (8 comments)


    First, my Richmond picks...

    A-List - Excellent pick! Jeff Gordon started 2nd, led the most laps, finished 4th, most points amongst all drivers. 109 points from Gordon,

    B-List - Uhhh.... At least Newman did ok. 74 points from Newman. 38 points from Logano.

    C-List .... Read the rest of this blog

  22. "What is wrong with Tony Stewart" posted by Cooper on May 11, 2010   (7 comments)

    2009 was a remarkable season for the Columbus, Indiana native. Co-Owner of his own team, Tony was contending for wins, and the championship, even winning the regular season title. Even though he fell short of winning his third championship, everything looked up for the aging veteran of the NASCAR Cup Series. With his first season away from his ten year .... Read the rest of this blog

  23. "Short Track Roundup - Weekend of May 8th" posted by The NASCAT on May 10, 2010   (2 comments)

    A pretty quiet time this weekend, with only three notable short track series taking to the track this weekend. But that certainly shouldn't discount the achievements of this week's winners - Justin Wakefield, Brian Campbell, and Steve Jones - as all three had unique storylines in their victory.

    PASS South - Wake County Speedway: Justin Wakefield .... Read the rest of this blog

  24. "Can Hamlin Stop The Johnson Juggernaut? Maybe, Maybe Not." posted by drewh on May 10, 2010   (2 comments)

    At the start of the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup season many thought that Denny Hamlin had the best chance to unseat Jimmie Johnson in his quest for an historic fifth consecutive championship. Indeed, eleven races into the season it looks like the denizens of media centers around the circuit were right.

    After winning Saturday night at Darlington .... Read the rest of this blog

  25. "Pied Piper Of Darlington" posted by The Vicar on May 9, 2010   (3 comments)

    Another good race is in the can.

    Darlington ? not Daytona ? is the true Nascar. It?s also one of the rare tracks where you?ve got to earn it to win it. You don?t win there by being lucky. ( I?m presuming no one?s going to do the research to prove me wrong.)

    We could have done without the unannounced ?competition? yellow at lap 45.

    So .... Read the rest of this blog

  26. "Enough about the "new" Kyle Busch" posted by G14 on May 6, 2010   (6 comments)

    It seems there has been a lot of talk suddenly about the ?new? Kyle Busch after winning Richmond this past weekend. I am sure this talk has been going on for a few weeks, but I choose to disregard all this non-sense. But now we have Kyle himself believing this assertion. There are plenty of new things in Kyle?s life recently ? he is engaged, he owns .... Read the rest of this blog

  27. "My picks for Darlington" posted by martin-n-rusty on May 6, 2010   (5 comments)

    I somehow forgot to set my picks for Richmond (ugh, friggin computer and Yahoo!), so ill just skip on to my Darlington picks. Won't go over them deep, since I have been busy, so if anyone wants to convince me to pick someone else, go ahead


    Starter: Jeff Gordon
    Reserve: Greg Biffle


    Starters: Joey .... Read the rest of this blog

  28. "Hickory Recap and More NASCAR Analysis" posted by ajcrdstr24 on May 5, 2010   (0 comments)

    I'm back from another great trip to North Carolina and saw some great races at Hickory Motor Speedway. I completely forgot that the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown was in Virginia on Thursday night. Maybe next year if the dates align again I could take a longer vacation and head down to the Richmond area for that race and head down to North Carolina .... Read the rest of this blog

  29. "Should Tony Stewart fans panic?" posted by G14 on May 5, 2010   (3 comments)

    When Tony Stewart decided to leave Joe Gibbs Racing to pursue ownership for the 2009 season, many people, myself included, expected him to struggle. Tony proved us wrong, winning four races and even led the standings for the majority of the season. However, with just one top five and only three top tens in 2010, this is the season we expected from Smoke .... Read the rest of this blog

  30. "The Race to the Chase" posted by Cooper on May 4, 2010   (0 comments)

    The NASCAR season is quickly flying by as 10 of the 36 events have been completed. Only 16 races remain in the race to the chase to find out who the 12 drivers will be to compete for the 2010 Sprint Cup Championship. As the summer begins it's a perfect time to begin the points discussion as many drivers have spaced themselves in front and behind the .... Read the rest of this blog

  31. "After 10 races..." posted by martin-n-rusty on May 4, 2010   (10 comments)

    After 10 races in the season, here is what my predicted Top 35 was, and how they are doing (and one driver I did not expect to be in the Top 35, but has ended up there so far)...

    Out Top 35. Robby Gordon - The only reason why I did not put him in the initial Top 35 was because I did not know if he was going to run full or part time If I had .... Read the rest of this blog

  32. "CSA-CalhounS Army 400" posted by The Vicar on May 3, 2010   (0 comments)

    Another great race is in the can.

    Quite enjoyable, but what if there were no cautions towards the end? It seemed pretty strung out for most of the race. This is why Nascar?s best friend is the yellow, (and why it is Jeff Gordon?s least favorite color). Personally, I don?t care. Every race is it?s own. Some may be better than others, but each .... Read the rest of this blog

  33. "Racing Through Richmond and Kansas" posted by NASCARgirl01 on May 3, 2010   (4 comments)

    First of all, I am new here, but I am really excited about writing my thoughts and seeing what everybody thinks of it. I?ve been watching NASCAR since 2001 and I have a bunch of favorite drivers that I have followed for years.

    Now, this weekend was an up and down one, as is normally the case if you have more than one favorite driver. Case .... Read the rest of this blog

  34. "Time to wave goodbye to the wavearound" posted by G14 on May 3, 2010   (9 comments)

    NASCAR has done a terrific job these past couple of seasons making changes in an attempt to make the racing more exciting (double file restarts, multiple G-W-C?s, bringing back the spoiler). However, one rule change I have been skeptical about from the beginning has been the wave around rule. I have tolerated it for the most part (it is nice when .... Read the rest of this blog

  35. "A Few Random Notes From the Race Weekend" posted by drewh on May 3, 2010   (0 comments)

    After his tenth place finish at Richmond on Saturday night, Jimmie Johnson has ?slipped? all the way down to second in the NASCAR Sprint Cup points! It seems some are already beginning to panic. There?s talk all over the internet this morning that Johnson?s string of championships is over! It?s only May, he?s only 10 points behind, and they?re writing .... Read the rest of this blog


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