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Blog entries from November 2009:

  1. "Rusty Wallace: 1993" posted by null on November 30, 2009   (5 comments)

    Although he won his only championship in 1989, Rusty Wallace's best career season was 1993. The season opening Daytona 500 was a rough one for Wallace. Rusty started 34th and gradually moved up through the field. He was running sixth when two Daytona 500 champions, Derrike Cope(1990) and Michael Waltrip(2001, 2003) got together and clipped Rusty, flipping .... Read the rest of this blog

  2. "Good Morning Danica" posted by SoxFan24 on November 30, 2009   (0 comments)

    First of all I'd like to welcome you to my blog entitled "The Free Pass". This blog will touch on all the hot topics from the sport of auto racing and the wacky opinions of the blogger.

    I read on Jayski that Danica Patrick would be on ABC's Good Morning America to make a groundbreaking announcement. Most race fans automatically assumed that .... Read the rest of this blog

  3. "Not My Four-Time Champion!" posted by ajcrdstr24 on November 30, 2009   (4 comments)

    Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knaus and their entire team on being four straight ten race chase champions! I?ll give them that. They got the job done when they needed to, but I still can?t convince myself that it was history in the making. It?s incomparable to the feats that Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, Cale Yarborough, and Jeff Gordon .... Read the rest of this blog

  4. "A Kubica/Kobayashi line-up is the way forwards for Renault." posted by JHS on November 30, 2009   (1 comment)

    A Kubica/Kobayashi line-up could only be good for Renault long term. Recently, I believe that Renault have seriously compromised themselves in terms of driver line-ups over the past few years, and I agree with many that in 2010 it could be a very big step forwards for Renault.

    Before, Renault has had one great driver and one (to put it nicely) .... Read the rest of this blog

  5. "Of Mustangs, Media Darlings, and Midgets." posted by drewh on November 30, 2009   (0 comments)

    Next season NHRA veteran Larry Morgan will have a shot at becoming one of the very few Pro Stock drivers to finish in the top 10 in points driving cars from all three of Detroit?s major manufacturers. Morgan raced General Motors cars from 1987 through 1998 before switching to a Dodge for the next ten years.

    Morgan will begin the 2010 NHRA .... Read the rest of this blog

  6. "A Standard To Pick A Winner" posted by Joey2448 on November 30, 2009   (0 comments)

    Check this out?.

    1998 Brickyard 400 winner: Jeff Gordon
    1998 NASCAR Cup Champion: Jeff Gordon

    1999 Brickyard winner: Dale Jarrett
    1999 NASCAR Champion: Dale Jarrett

    2000 Brickyard winner: Bobby Labonte
    2000 Champion: Bobby Labonte

    2001 Brickyard winner: Jeff Gordon
    2001 Champion: Jeff Gordon

    2005 .... Read the rest of this blog

  7. "2009 NASCAR Season Recap" posted by Joey2448 on November 30, 2009   (0 comments)

    Every year in NASCAR is different from past years in different ways. This season was no exception, as Jimmie Johnson made headlines and smashed records previously thought unbreakable in this day and age.

    The year started with a wimper, as the Daytona 500 ended up being the Daytona 380, as the rains came to halt the race prematurely. Matt Kenseth .... Read the rest of this blog

  8. "Capital City Speedway, A Racing History (Ottawa, Ontario)" posted by MostWanted2005 on November 28, 2009   (0 comments)

    Racing in our nation?s capital has been around for 60 years and during that time many changes have taken place from location, to owner?s and this past weekend the track once again was in for a change. I have been researching for this story for a few weeks now. I was ready to post it until this past Sunday when I received a message that the track promoter .... Read the rest of this blog

  9. "In the Rearview Mirror: Looking Back on 2009" posted by The Liberator on November 28, 2009   (1 comment)

    As the checkered flag falls on another year of motor racing, one wonders how the 2009 season will be remembered.

    Perhaps it will be for the standard of dominance set by competitors such as Jimmie Johnson, who won his fourth consecutive Sprint Cup title; Sébastien Loeb, who has two more in his streak of World Rally championships; and Valentino .... Read the rest of this blog

  10. "What If Nascar Changed The Chase Format To A UFC Cagematch?" posted by Hyperacti on November 28, 2009   (2 comments)

    I can see it all now. In just a couple more years, NASCAR, faced with a desperate desire to increase their autumn television ratings, will make a change to the championship format. A big change. Following Jimmie Johnson's 6th or even 7th straight championship, as well as a dwindling number of fans, the NASCAR sanctioning body will ask itself: What can .... Read the rest of this blog

  11. "Cup: Analysis of a 4-peat." posted by Talon64 on November 26, 2009   (2 comments)

    Last Sunday Jimmie Johnson became the first driver in the history of NASCAR to win 4 straight Cup championships, beating Cale Yarborough?s record of 3 straight set from 1976 to 1978. Regardless of whether you think that Chad Knaus and the 48 team cheated to get there, that Jimmie?s just an average driver benefitting from being spoon fed a top tier ride .... Read the rest of this blog

  12. "Dale Jarrett's 1996: A Breakthrough" posted by RR on November 24, 2009   (5 comments)

    First, I?ll be away from the computer for a few days, so it?ll be a few days before I finish my Driver of the Decade: IndyCar list. I?m sure that?s a bummer for many of you (and yes, that was sarcasm). Today, I shall write about a topic that has been in my head for the past few days, and was based off of another blog from this very website.

    About .... Read the rest of this blog

  13. "Can Johnson and Knaus be Stopped at Four?" posted by drewh on November 24, 2009   (0 comments)

    By: Drew Hierwarter

    Unless you just got back from a mission on the international space station or you have been living with monks in Mongolia you are probably aware that Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knaus, and the entire Rick Hendrick organization wrote a new chapter in the NASCAR history book at the Miami-Homestead Speedway last night.

    For .... Read the rest of this blog

  14. "Step One: Admitting There's A Problem" posted by The Dark Knight on November 23, 2009   (5 comments)

    People with addictions or disorders can?t receive help until they can see and admit to themselves that they have a problem.
    A drug addict isn?t likely to look for treatment until they?ve hit rock bottom. And until that time comes, they?ll live alone in their boat on the river DeNial? friends and family be damned.

    Enter NASCAR and their .... Read the rest of this blog

  15. "I was hoping for bookends" posted by wood_brothers21 on November 23, 2009   (0 comments)

    We recently acquired some new furniture for our "library" and were finally able to shelve all the hardcover & paperback books, both racing related and others we have acquired over the years. In placing the volumes upon our newly purchased shelves it became quite apparent that we needed something to hold the tomes together as they seemed somewhat haphazardly .... Read the rest of this blog

  16. "November Trip to North Carolina Summary" posted by ajcrdstr24 on November 22, 2009   (0 comments)

    I apologize for the lack of an update, but it's been an extremely busy week since I got back from my mini-vacation to North Carolina.

    It was an excellent trip, even though there wasn't much going on at most of the dozen or so race shops the Friday I visited them. Most if not all of the teams were in Phoenix already. I thought it was amazing .... Read the rest of this blog

  17. "42nd Annual Snowball Derby-Who will do hot, and who will not" posted by Flyin' Ryan on November 22, 2009   (2 comments)

    The mecca of Super Latemodel racing, the Snowball Derby has alot of entries this year. While its not hard to choose Kyle Busch as my favorite to win, I have decided to go with other drivers for my picks. First off Bobby Gill. Bobby is a tough driver and a former winner of the prestigious race. This year, he will be competing in the #51 Chevrolet owned .... Read the rest of this blog

  18. "Jeff Gordon Needs A New Crew Chief" posted by Mike on November 21, 2009   (8 comments)

    When Steve Letarte and Jeff Gordon were first paired up toward the end of 2005, I was pretty confident Stevie would propel Jeff to being a force to reckon with as he was in the 90's. While Jeff has been solid since Letarte came on board, it hasn't been good enough.

    Lately the 24 is having similar issues to what the 88 car was having in 2008. .... Read the rest of this blog

  19. "Phantom Caution & Introduction" posted by Nascar Stats Man on November 20, 2009   (5 comments)

    As the 2009 racing season winds down, I can?t help but think about the race in Phoenix. From my perspective, it was an extremely boring race. Jimmie Johnson led just about every lap, there was minimal side-by-side racing, and there really wasn?t any fascinating storyline that developed. During the last 50 or so laps, many of my twitter friends and myself .... Read the rest of this blog

  20. "NASCAR Fans vs Race Fans" posted by cfob on November 19, 2009   (6 comments)

    I?ve enjoy racing. I?ve never enjoyed any of the ?stick and ball? sports. When I am looking for a good, relaxing time I am looking to watch cars go around in circles for a while. THAT is what I enjoy.

    However, unlike many who frequent this site, I am not a ?NASCAR Fan,? I am a ?Race Fan.? You may be thinking to yourself ?That?s the same thing!? .... Read the rest of this blog

  21. "Driver of the Decade: American Open Wheel Part I" posted by RR on November 19, 2009   (0 comments)

    I thought that I would comlpete this sooner, but I didn't realize how much time this would take, not to mention I have been a bit busy lately. Anywho, this is part one of my Top 10 AOWR drivers of the decade.

    American Open Wheel Racing was mostly defined in this decade by the events that occurred the previous decade. Regardless of which side .... Read the rest of this blog

  22. "Jeff Could've Been In The Same Club" posted by Joey2448 on November 19, 2009   (5 comments)

    With the big story this season being Jimmie Johnson?s unprecedented fourth consecutive Sprint Cup title, I got to thinking...this could have been the second time a driver has accomplished that feat. Jeff Gordon almost won four in a row from 1995-?98, if only ?96 had turned out a little better...

    Jeff Gordon could've easily been the first driver .... Read the rest of this blog

  23. "Off-Season News: Brawn GP sure had a good year of existence." posted by Talon64 on November 17, 2009   (6 comments)

    Yesterday it was announced that Mercedes has taken over the Brawn GP F1 team after purchasing a 75.1% stake in the team; the team will be renamed Mercedes Grand Prix. Ross Brawn will stay on as the team principal (DUH!). They'll sell their 40% stake in Mclaren back to them over the next two years but will still continue to supply them engines until .... Read the rest of this blog

  24. "Is this when we applaud?" posted by RealFastFan24 on November 16, 2009   (3 comments)

    After another dominating performance at Phoenix, I'm sure most fans (including me) are wondering if Jimmie Johnson will continue to run like this indefinitely. Not only does the #48 Lowe's Chevrolet make it seem quite easy but they make everyone else seem to run horribly. Hopefully next year will be different, even though fans have been trying to say .... Read the rest of this blog

  25. "Emo Speedway, Emo Ontario, Canada" posted by MostWanted2005 on November 16, 2009   (0 comments)

    I have to admit it, I had never heard of Emo Speedway. Emo is a small rural township, located 400 km west of Thunder Bay, directly north of the state of Minnesota. It is known for its stock car races, the Rainy River Agricultural Fair and the Emo Walleye Classic. So I decided to look into Emo a little further.

    In 2009, the dirt .... Read the rest of this blog

  26. "Observations From the NASCAR Banquets This Weekend" posted by The NASCAT on November 15, 2009   (1 comment)

    Hello readership! Glad to be home after a very long night Saturday (though my twenty-minute drive home compares little to the Bruncati's eight-hour round trip home to California). I was fortunate enough to be invited this year to both the 2009 Whelen All-American Series Awards Banquet (http://thirdturn.wikia.com/wiki/2009_Whelen_All-American_Series_Awards_Banquet) .... Read the rest of this blog

  27. "Driver of the Decade: Introduction" posted by RR on November 14, 2009   (0 comments)

    With the cooler temperatures and the peak of football season comes the end of another year of racing. And, while it hasn?t been mentioned much, the end of the 2009 racing season also brings about the end of the first decade of the 2000s. This decade has brought the seemingly obligatory changes that have occurred throughout racing history. The era was .... Read the rest of this blog

  28. "My Phoenix Preview" posted by The Mystery Blogger on November 14, 2009   (0 comments)

    Before the preview, a brief review of last night's truck series race: Kevin Harvick made a nice comeback from an earlier mishap and powered to victory on fairly old tires, holding off Kyle BUsch in the process. This releives us of having to hear about Kyle trying for a 3-race weekend sweep. Maybe Harvick can do it - he's running all 3 races @ PIR .... Read the rest of this blog

  29. "Danica Patrick in NASCAR?" posted by Joey2448 on November 11, 2009   (3 comments)

    The talk this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway was all about IRL-star Danica Patrick, who is arguably the most successful woman in auto racing. She is by far the most business-savvy/successful women, and most likely will be known as the best behind the wheel.

    Rumors have it that she is running part-time in the Nationwide series next year while .... Read the rest of this blog

  30. "Time To Eat Some Crow" posted by That NASCAR Guy on November 10, 2009   (2 comments)

    Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage hired a large woman Sunday. Her job was to stand above victory lane and sing.

    As it turned out, she wasn?t needed.

    And it seems maybe the guy they call Superman has found some kryptonite.

    The drama came early Sunday in the Dickies 500. On lap 3, Sam Hornish Jr. was .... Read the rest of this blog

  31. "Last North Carolina Trip of 2009 Preview" posted by ajcrdstr24 on November 9, 2009   (1 comment)

    I've been waiting three months for this trip (I was planning on going in September, but mother nature had other plans)! Looks like Ida will pass through and hopefully cause little harm and the weekend is looking beautiful. I'm heading down Thursday and stopping first in Race City USA, Mooresville North Carolina. I'll be doing some touristy things, .... Read the rest of this blog

  32. "Cup: Jimmie, Mark and karma." posted by Talon64 on November 9, 2009   (1 comment)

    After all the complaining people did about the 48 team sandbagging at Talledega all day only to take advantage of other people's misfortune and extend his point lead, I guess it was karma that Johnson gets wrecked on the 3rd lap of the Texas race and loses even more points than he had gained. Mark Martin is only 73 points back of Johnson now, meaning .... Read the rest of this blog

  33. "When I Was A Kid, Jimmie Wrecked and No One Cared" posted by RealFastFan24 on November 9, 2009   (1 comment)

    Before I start recapping this weekend's slew of news and races, I would like to point out that according to cawsnjaws.com, ESPN showed the #48 crew working on their damaged car a whopping 17 times. It became old after the 2nd time. If I were a Jimmie Johnson fan, I wouldn't want to be constantly reminded about my favorite driver being wrecked. All of .... Read the rest of this blog

  34. "Hornish/Reutimann Spins The Points Leader" posted by The Mystery Blogger on November 8, 2009   (9 comments)

    NOW we have a real points race!

    I'm writing this seconds after the incident happened, so just watch: Knaus & the 48 team will get JJ back out there and he'll finish the race in the top 20 (ok, top 30 anyway).

    See if it doesn't happen.... .... Read the rest of this blog

  35. "In the News: Texas" posted by RealFastFan24 on November 8, 2009   (1 comment)

    This is my first blog entry on Racing-Reference, and I am excited to bring you guys all of the news about the sport as well as my opinions about the news. I live in New England, and in addition to following NASCAR's top three tiered series, I enjoy watching Whelen Modified Races at Stafford Motor Speedway and Thompson Speedway when I can. (All of the .... Read the rest of this blog

  36. "Since Nobody Has Done This Yet" posted by The Mystery Blogger on November 7, 2009   (1 comment)

    The webmaster said that blogs didn't have to necessarily be about racing, so here goes my Week 9 NFL picks. Disclaimer: don't risk any of your own money on these picks. If you ignore that advice and lose $$$ don't come crying to me. OTOH, if you ignore that advice and WIN, please let me know where I can pick up my cut. :-)

    Arizona @ Chicago: .... Read the rest of this blog

  37. "Much Ado About Nothing" posted by Joey2448 on November 6, 2009   (2 comments)

    The recent finishes we have seen at Talladega may be great and exciting, but it is dangerous. Last Spring, Carl Edwards nearly flipped into the grandstands after getting spun by Brad Keselowski on the final lap. On Sunday, Ryan Newman was sent end-over-end on the backstretch and landed on his roof. Thankfully, he was alright. Just a few laps after that, .... Read the rest of this blog

  38. "Old Glory" posted by Joey2448 on November 6, 2009   (1 comment)

    From the thrills, spills, and chills of Talladega, we head west, out to the land of cattle, cowboys, and crazy racing. Texas Motor Speedway, a 1.5-mile quad-oval track near Fort Worth, is known for it?s fast speeds. Brian Vickers? lap speed that won the pole in the fall race in 2006 was 196.23 mph!

    This race also begins the homestretch run .... Read the rest of this blog

  39. "The Not-So-Great Debate" posted by RR on November 5, 2009   (3 comments)

    I really wanted to do a few more blogs about anything but NASCAR, since that series is the subject of most of these blogs series. However, I felt compelled to give my proverbial two cents about the proverbial war of words that has taken place this week. This week, racing fans have been subjected to a glorified pissing contest that is not between two .... Read the rest of this blog

  40. "Busch: We need to go faster at Talladega" posted by That NASCAR Guy on November 4, 2009   (2 comments)

    One day after a wild Sunday afternoon at Talladega Superspeedway, 18 drivers took part in a two-day Goodyear tire test Monday at Daytona International Speedway a track where speeds are near what they were at Talladega.

    Only two hours before Sunday?s race, NASCAR told the drivers that the practice of bump drafting would not be allowed in .... Read the rest of this blog

  41. "Keselowski tests for Penske at Daytona" posted by That NASCAR Guy on November 4, 2009   (0 comments)

    Monday as Penske Racing was announcing that newly signed Brad Keselowski would take over for David Stremme at this weekends NASCAR Sprint Cup event in Texas, the 25 year old driver was at Daytona International Speedway in his new ride turning laps as part of a two day Goodyear tire test.

    A total of 18 drivers in 17 cars spent Monday and Tuesday .... Read the rest of this blog

  42. "WoO World Finals - Title Contenders & Sleepers" posted by dirttrackfan on November 4, 2009   (1 comment)

    The World of Outlaws World Finals kicks off this Thursday night at the Dirt Track @ Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC, for 3 nights of action for both sprintcars and late models. Both titles have close championship battles, but the sprintcars will have the majority of the attention this weekend, as 3 drivers are still in contention to win the closest .... Read the rest of this blog

  43. "Cup: Where Have All the Rookies Gone?" posted by Talon64 on November 3, 2009   (4 comments)

    One of the things I always keep track of during the season is how the rookies are doing in Trucks, Nationwide and Cup. Trucks was interesting up until Johnny Sauter's top five streak that means a former full time Cup and Nationwide driver will win ROTY in the 3rd tier NASCAR series. Nationwide is still pretty close with Justin Allgaier and Brendan Gaughan .... Read the rest of this blog

  44. "Bloomquist is Still the Man in Late Models" posted by RR on November 3, 2009   (1 comment)

    2009 was certainly a different year for Scott Bloomquist. While victory circle eluded him for much of the season, he nevertheless won the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Championship in dominating fashion. While many racing fans frown at the notion of a driver winning a series championship with few victories to show for it, Bloomquist has maintained .... Read the rest of this blog

  45. "My First Blog" posted by Candraco on November 3, 2009   (2 comments)

    Hello All and welcome to my Blogging Debut here on RacingReference!

    I?m excited to be a blogger here and want to thank the Moderater for approving me to be a blogger.

    I plan on writing two blogs weekly, one before a race with my predictions and who should be on you fantasy team (check out my fantasy game in the Racing-Reference .... Read the rest of this blog

  46. "Blame NASCAR? Blame Talladega? No, it's called auto racing" posted by That NASCAR Guy on November 2, 2009   (1 comment)

    As soon as everyone was able to catch their breath Sunday after the wildness that was Talladega, fingers began pointing, allegations began to fly and blame was laid.

    Some fans blamed NASCAR for a ?stupid? rule banning ?bump-drafting?, others blamed the ?stupid? car, and even some drivers got in on the act bemoaning NASCAR and the new generation .... Read the rest of this blog

  47. "Welcome/Introduction to My Blog" posted by ajcrdstr24 on November 1, 2009   (2 comments)

    I'd like to thank racing-reference.info for providing me a new home to talk about the excellent sport of auto racing with everyone! My user/blog name is ajcrdstr24 (AJ for short) and I mostly enjoy asphalt short track racing, although I may provide an opinion or two regarding NASCAR and other forms of racing from time to time. My blog might be a little .... Read the rest of this blog

  48. "In The News: NASCAR Forgets Their Mission Again" posted by The Mystery Blogger on November 1, 2009   (8 comments)

    Effective immediately, NASCAR claims they will crack down on aggressive driving. No crackdown on drunk driving on the nation's highways by NASCAR competitors, but aggressive driving ON THE TRACK.

    This is yet another brilliant move by the same organization which has brought us such exciting innovations as commitment cones and restrictor plates.

    Some .... Read the rest of this blog


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