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Random Thoughts writes:
"In The News: NASCAR Forgets Their Mission Again"
Posted by The Mystery Blogger on November 1, 2009
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Effective immediately, NASCAR claims they will crack down on aggressive driving. No crackdown on drunk driving on the nation's highways by NASCAR competitors, but aggressive driving ON THE TRACK.

This is yet another brilliant move by the same organization which has brought us such exciting innovations as commitment cones and restrictor plates.

Some of us old fogies have another name for "aggressive driving": we call it "racing".

I could write 1,000,000 words (but for now I'll spare you) on how NASCAR has screwed up royally and systematically aliented their fan base, but this may be the final straw. I may be an old fogey who longs for the "good old days" - and I am just that -but I don't mean a return to the 1960s when Richard Petty would win 3/4 of the races, most of them by multiple laps. That would be a snoozer.

I only mean I'd like to return to just a FEW YEARS AGO, when we had no Boring Identical IROC Cars Of Tomorrow, no commitment cones, no yellow lines, no (or less) racing at boring tracks like Fontana. When we had true competition between drivers, teams & manufacturers.

MOST changes NASCAR has made within the past decade have been idiotic and detrimental to racing, while they piously insist that Driver Safety trumps anything having to do with racing or competition, and anyone who disagrees is just a bloodthirsty hick.

But this is absurd: what the hell is racing without "aggressive driving"?

Bill France Sr. must be spinning in his grave at the changes his idiot bastard progeny has wrought.

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