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A slightly opinionated person writes:
"F1 2012 Awards + Thoughts of 2013"
Posted by Biscuits In A Red Bull on January 24, 2013
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The title basically says it, so I'm not wasting any time on this.

F1 2012

Driver of the year:

1 - Alonso (his car was 1-1.2s slower than the Red Bulls. That is a proven fact. Also, think about Massa when you put that into perspective)
2 - Hamilton (Would've been champ if not for his car)
3 - Vettel (Was champ, and deservedly so. Abu Dhabi was THE drive of the year)

Performance of the year:

1 - Vettel's Abu Dhabi charge (from all of the early race bad luck/misjudgement, he had luck and speed on his side)
2 - Perez's Malaysian suprise (Hassled Alonso for win, was general god that day)
3 - Hulkenburg's godly Brazil (How can you lead the most laps IN A FORCE INDIA???? Despite the errors and the unneccessary drive-thru, he showed the world that day that his is a future champ)

Fluke of the year:

1 - Alonso's Valencia win (yes, he had just taken 2nd, but Vettel was never going to be beaten)
2 - Vettel's Singapore win (yes, he has a top 5 in EVERY Singapore GP, but seriously???)
3 - Alonso's pole at Silverstone (why the Q2 red flag???)

Race of the year:

1 - Brazilian GP (the best race of this generation, arguably the best ever)
2 - Valencia GP (it isn't here again, but if it could always do GPs like that we'd love it)
3 - Canadain GP (the last bit was fantastic)

Idiot of the year:

And there can only be one winner:
1 - Grosjean at Spa (faggot)
2 - Maldonado in Monaco Practice (the other one, now Hamilton's behaving)
3 - Schuey in Spain Practice (goes round old course to cut up Hamilton, faggot)

And for 2013???

Well, for a start, if the McLaren car likes Jenson and Jenson likes the McLaren for the WHOLE season, then we realistically will have our next double champ. However, there's the obvious Vettel and Alonso threat, and expect a good number of podiums from Webber and Massa (pending on car). Other upsets should come from Perez in his new British toy, as well as Hamilton, who will win if the car is about 0.5s off the pace. Kimi and Grosjean WILL be fast, although Grosjean might end up hitting people, whilst Kimi becomes the title contender, and lets not forget that if he returns to his Sauber/McLaren form, he will be a multiple winner and will make Alonso's abilities look mediocre in any car. There was a year called 2009...

...anyway, Hulkenburg will be on for some podiums (the stats hate him, and didn't like Kobayashi either, whilst they LOVE Vettel) and possibly a win depending how good the car is, and Paul di Resta and his mystery team mate could be on for some good things, although I'm not expecting any HUGE upset from them. A driver pairing who could provide a lot of action is the Williams duo. Maldonado always provides us with an action, as his driving is suprisingly similar to Gilles Villeneuve, although he crashes far too often. Valterri Bottas, however, is, in Frank William's words, "quite simply one of the most exciting young talents in all of motorsport." That's from Sir Frank Williams. Look back at his record and that is saying a hell of a lot. Bottas could even get a win in his rookie year if the car is any good.

Elsewhere in the pack, now smaller due to the joyous demise of HRT, expect Ricciardo to be in the points, whilst Vergne will probably be pratting around going slowly. For a guy who's junior record is so good, his F1 performances have been pathetic. Meanwhile, Max Chilton, Britain's next 'F1 star' will inevitably be useless, and his teammate looks like he will be too, and Caterham have ditched their best driver (Heikki) whilst he was at his best in favour of a reasonable Pic and either an inexperienced driver (van der Garde), Bruno Senna, or quick-but-nothing-on-Heikki Petrov, although they might get a point this season if a race similar to Brazil happens.

For the drivers I haven't mentioned, Rosberg will get the odd podium, potentially a win, but his talent in comparison to Hamilton will soon be clear, although I'm not expecting anything like 0.5s, more like 0.2s, and Gutierrez will probably soon get onto the pace, especially with, in my opinion, F1s greatest ever non-podium visitor, Nico Hulkenburg as his teammate.

So, my 2013 champ? It's far too early to tell, but I'm expecting one of four: Button, Vettel, Alonso, Kimi, but with Webber, Massa, Hamilton, Perez, Hulkenburg and practically half of the grid with the talent and maybe even the car to take a win this year, who knows? We could even get our first Williams champ since Jacques Villeneuve in Bottas of Maldonado if things go crazy, but I'm expecting F1 to provide some entertaining races, several winners, and a thrilling climax once more to the 2013 season.

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