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The Jet Dryer writes:
"My Debut in Blogging and a New Fantasy Game"
Posted by David on March 1, 2013
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Okay, yes, I am a blogger now. I've had this blog sitting around for five months, and I haven't done anything with it, until now. I'll admit, the last thing this site needs is another fantasy game, but I had a terrific inspiration for a fantasy game a little while ago, and I'd hate to see someone take this idea. And I know I am a week late.

So, let's just cut straight to it. This game will be a "pick 'em" game, where you pick drivers and score points for your picks, based on the finishes of your drivers. But this is a totally new spin on things. In this game, you can pick anywhere from five to ten drivers, and you will score points based on average finish. It sounds good so far, right?

The formula for points scored is:

Lowest possible average finish - average finish for your picks

If you are confused, never fear, there will be an example. If Player A's picks finish 2nd, 7th, 18th, 19th, and 36th, then he would score x number of points, like this:

Points scored (x) = 41 (the lowest possible average finish for five picks) - 16.4 (the average of the picks) = 24.6

Simple, no? I haven't yet decided if the game will be divided into segments, but I will update you in next week's post. Everybody will have one opportunity to drop their lowest finishing driver, and thus improve the average finish. Using the above example, that would mean dropping the 36th-place finisher which gets this result:

x = 41.5 - 11.5 = 30 (an improvement of 5.4 points)

I would recommend using this when you have a cluster of drivers in the top ten, and you have one outlying bad finish (e.g. 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 37th). To use your "drop", simply comment "drop my lowest finisher" after the race.

Picking more drivers is safer, while picking less drivers results in a higher maximum score.

This game will start this weekend at Phoenix.

Have fun, and happy picking!

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