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A slightly opinionated person writes:
"Vettel wins it... ...again..."
Posted by Biscuits In A Red Bull on October 30, 2013
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Well, this will be short and sweet.

All Formula One fans around the world will have just seen Sebastian Vettel romp to another ~30 second victory in 2013 - his 10th of the season -and claim the 2013 title with 3 races still to be run. The rage has begun already.

We all hate it when somebody constantly runs away with victories in sport (other than Usain Bolt, because everyone loves him). It suddenly makes it look like nobody else stands a chance and that everything has become predictable. This is very true - Vettel is on a 6 race winning streak.

I can gather from comments about Jimmie Johnson, and the fact that people cheer when he crashes, etc, that it's pretty similar in NASCAR. This has led to allegations of cheating and other unsportsmanlike things, because nobody stands a chance against them.

Whilst Johnson's car has been found to be illegal more than once, Vettel has never had this found out. Neither has teammate Mark Webber. Lewis Hamilton's suggestions of traction control say to me that he is more than just hating Vettel's dominance - it is beyond his ability to stop it. This is Lewis Hamilton - reckoned by most to be the best or second best GP racer of this generation.

Now, I'm going to pose a question to all Vettel haters. What if Vettel, despite having the fastest car, really is better than everyone else? What if he is like Usain Bolt - people know they're going to be battling for 2nd when they're racing him? What if he is the best?

Well, he is. He has taken WDC number 4. That's more than Senna, Clark, etc. Brining up those names makes me think of another good point. Clark only drove at Lotus, when Colin Chapman, the greatest motorsport engineering mind ever to have existed, was his engineer. Clark was the most successful driver in his period of racing. Senna, likewise, won titles at McLaren when they had by far and away the best car. Do you dispute their greatness? These are the two drivers idolised as the best ever. Vettel, with Adrian Newey, the greatest motorsport engineering mind ever since Chapman, as his engineer, has surpassed the achievements of the best working with the best.

So it's time we accept him as one of Formula One's true greats. He's only 26, for crying out loud, and by 2020, when he'll be 33, he'll probably have taken Michael Schumacher's record of 7 WDCs - all of which won with the best car.

Yours sincerely,
BIARB, a huge fan of a race that Sebastian Vettel doesn't win.

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