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The World of Motorsport writes:
"Off-Topic Discussion: If I Ran the NHL"
Posted by Hinch27 on July 8, 2014
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As we know, with the NHL division/conference realignment, much criticism came toward the "Metrosexual" division, due to Gary Bettman's insane obsession with having the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals, and Carolina Hurricanes all in the same division, even at the risk of collapsing the geographic structure of the entire league. It's hockey's version of the NFC East or the Miami Heat's "Big 3." Shove everything the way you want at all costs, even if it means having the Montreal Canadiens and Buffalo Sabres in the same division as the Florida Panthers. So we have a split division with a full division in the middle. Mr. Spock showed emotion when he heard this one because no creature, human, Vulcan, Romulan, or Klingon, had ever shown this much illogical behavior.

But we already knew Bettman was medically retarded.

Anyway, I wanted to share my ideal league structure. I loved the season format used prior to the restructure whereby teams played division rivals 6 times, other conference rivals 4 times, and non-conference opponents 18 times, with 3 of the non-conference opponents being played both at home and away. However, as a fan of a Canadian team, I found the coercion of the (at the time) three Canadian teams in one conference playing the three Canadian teams in the other conference twice. If San Jose can play the Islanders twice, why can't the Canucks?

I would, however, add two more games in. These games would also be played against opponents in the other conference, but these games would different. I would revive the technique from the 90s in which a team plays a home game and an away game... not in the team's home city. In the 90s, the Boston Bruins could theoretically host the Phoenix Coyotes in a game played in Providence. I like this because it gives fans of another city an unique opportunity to see their heroes play. The cities would have to be close to each other, and the teams would both host a game and be hosted in a game.

Eastern Conference:
Northeast Division (no changes)
Boston Bruins
Montreal Canadiens
Quebec Nordiques
Ottawa Senators
Toronto Maple Leafs

Atlantic Division:
Pittsburgh Penguins
Detroit Red Wings
Buffalo Sabres
Philadelphia Flyers
New York Rangers

"Southeast" Division:
Washington Capitals
Carolina Hurricanes
Columbus Blue Jackets
New Jersey Devils
Tampa Bay Lightning

Western Conference:
North Division
Edmonton Oilers
Minnesota Wild
Winnipeg Jets
Calgary Flames
Chicago Blackhawks

Pacific Division:
Los Angeles Kings
Anaheim Ducks
Vancouver Canucks
San Jose Sharks
Seattle Coyotes

Central Division:
Nashville Predators
Colorado Avalance
Dallas Stars
St. Louis Blues
Kansas City Islanders

Islanders go to KC; Panthers to Quebec; and Arizona to Seattle

I would also consider possibly moving Dallas to become a second Toronto franchise, but did not do it at this stage in time.


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