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The White Flag writes:
"NASCAR should introduce a NEW Flag"
Posted by Cooper on May 18, 2010
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Do I have your attention? I sure hope so.
The date: May 15th, 2010
Event: Heluva Good! 200
With 5 laps to go, and the win in the books for Kyle Busch who leads by over 2 seconds, the caution flag waves.
Not for an accident, not for debris, not for a spin, not for rain, but for a car on the apron with a flat.
Now I know I'm not some expert, but a yellow flag shouldn't be waved for a slow car on the apron. This is the universal definition of a yellow flag:
--The solid yellow flag, or caution flag, universally requires drivers to slow down due to a hazard on the track.

Since when is a slow car on the apron a hazard?. If this was the case then the caution would wave every lap for Kevin Conway. There was no debris, no danger, just a car coming to pit road. Absolutely ridiculous. NASCAR is ruining what the yellow flag was meant to be. To slow drivers down for a danger on the track that could cause further problems.

The worst part of these "cautions", is it takes a ridiculous amount of time to go back to green. Even for a piece of debris or water bottle, the cautions takes 5 laps and 10 minutes, to pick up a piece of paper. In addition NASCAR can change a race with the press of a button. Ohhh a shiny piece of tape in turn 4 caution!. The leaders pit, 20 cars get the wave around, and now the race has changed.

I have no problem with slowing the cars down for a piece of debris, or a spin but to wave a caution and slow the race down, and even change the race is a little too much. That is why I have a crazy but smart idea...

Continue to use the yellow flag for accidents and dangerous hazards around the track. On these cautions, everything is normal; cars can pit, stay out, get the lucky dog or the wave around.

For minor things, like "debris" or a "spin" use a flag called the Yield flag. This flag would be waved, cars slow down behind the pace car. The track crew would pick up the piece of debris, and the race would resume. No pit stops are allowed, no lucky dog or wave around. Therefore NASCAR can still have their "entertainment" yellow, but no cars can receive a lap back, and no pit stops can be made to shake up the running order. The flag would be yellow and black in a checkerboard pattern.

Am I crazy? or am I on to something. What do you have to say about NASCAR's yellow flags? Do you think 20 cars deserve a wave around especially because a water bottle brought out the caution? Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Tell me what you think!

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