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The White Flag writes:
"Money is Ruining Professional Sports"
Posted by Cooper on June 15, 2010
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Many of us as kids, dream about one day to become a professional athlete. Not because of the money or the fame but to be able to do what we love for a living. As the years go by their are less and less number of sport figures that participate in professional sports for the enjoyment rather then the fortune. So why is it that athletes keeps asking for more and more when they know the tough economic times are effecting everyone else. Do they ever consider that their a part of the problem and that they can be the solution?

Whether it's Auto Racing, Baseball, or Football one has to ask the question do participants of professional sports deserve the money that they get? Does A-Rod really deserve 33M dollars? Myself as a dignified individual; dream of the day to make 50000 a year just to support a good lifestyle and family. There's no doubt that their are talented individuals that deserve a good amount of fortune but some just plainly don't deserve it.

I was watching a baseball game last night and watched a heavily paid player strikeout three times. But he was not upset!, rather he was laughing and joking in the dugout eating sunflower seeds. I was sitting their asking myself this guy makes more money in a year than I will in my life and he's sitting on his ass eating sunflower seeds. Yesterday this particular player was useless, there was no difference between him and a garbage bin. That's when I realized it's not just in baseball that their are overpaid athletes but all professional athletes are overpaid. I've done research and it's come to my attention that an emergency surgeon makes a mere 500000/year. This is despicable.

The average professional athlete makes close to 4M, giving him eight times the importance of a surgeon. Not to mention all the time, hard work and money it took the doctor to get to where he is. Many athletes have scholarships that let them sail through school and eventually sail through life. I for one am done and can no longer be a part of the problem. If franchises didn't have to pay the players so much then they could lower ticket prices and allow fans without the $$$ to enjoy life. This brings me to stock car racing and more importantly NASCAR...

Here are the numbers that dignify my argument: Purse between 1st and 43rd
Using Michigan numbers as ballpark figures

1980 Gabriel 400-Winner: $24,800
-43rd: $700
1990 MGD 400 -Winner: $72,950
-43rd: $4,225
2000 K-Mart 400 -Winner:$123,800
-43rd: $30,815
2010 Heluva 400 -Winner:$188,350
-43rd: $71,112

There is no need to for me to explain why sports isn't as entertaining as it once was. The hunger is not there. The passion is not there. Being a professional athlete is no longer a career it's a privilege. Sports Stars 40 years ago played and raced hard to live, now they race for fun and fame. The racing has slipped in many years not because of the COT, or talent but plain old passion. These are the percentages that concern payouts between 1st and last for the above statistics:

1980-Winner received 35 Times More than Last
1990-Winner received 17 Times More than Last
2000-Winner received 4 Times More than Last
2010-Winner received 2.7 Times More than Last

Drivers simply don't care where they finish anymore, to them it's just a pay check. And every time a driver races hard because they want to and actually feel the need to make the fans happy, they get shot down(Brad Keselowski). I've had enough!!! no driver deserves to make 10M a year and no baseball player deserves to make 33M a year. Maybe if they weren't getting paid a lot they'd actually feel the need to try. The government and public all wonder why were in a recession and I have the answer...It starts with athletes, musicians and actors. The recession will turn into a depression and eventually lead to the demise of western civilization. Athletes need to start giving back immediately because I will refuse to watch them do something that I would do for nothing.

Thank You for your time and understanding. Your opinion is needed.

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