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In The News writes:
"If NASCAR was really declining..."
Posted by RealFastFan24 on July 1, 2010
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Welcome everyone to my blog, that unfortunately hasn't been added to in quite awhile. But I feel like the following is a testimony to the strength of the sport. There are so many people that criticize the way NASCAR functions, especially on the internet, where all of the whiners congregate on websites and force NASCAR to change things in their favor because of their constant outrage. But quietly, there is a larger group of fans that are in favor of the status quo in NASCAR and love NASCAR, not for the wrecks, but for the community with which it provides and the racing itself.

I had the pleasure of working with a group of special education children at an Extended School Year Program within my community this past week (and for the next month). Prior to the first day, I didn't know what to expect from the experience. But from the time I walked into the classroom, a discussion of NASCAR ensued, much to our surprise. Luckily I was able to decipher what they were discussing whereas the teachers in the room had no clue what they were talking about. The big surprise is the passion that these children had for the sport, something that most adults that follow the sport have lost. Even though some of the children had difficulties communicating, they were able to convey to me their favorite drivers' numbers. They enjoyed talking about the pass Jimmie Johnson made on Kurt Busch for the race win on Sunday. Earlier today, I walked into the classroom with a Jeff Gordon hat, and many of the kids made a comment about it. Through all of the anguish and despair these children have gone through, it was amazing to witness the love they had for the sport.

And this story brings me to the purpose of this article. The negativity within the sport is often emphasized, but it is not the majority. Those people who think racing around in circles for three and a half hours is boring have no business watching and complaining about a sport that many other people love and follow intently.

Oh...and this is Jeff Gordon's 47th consecutive race without a victory...didn't he win in his 47th race without a win on April 5, 2009? Just something to ponder...

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