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Knight Vision writes:
"Step One: Admitting There's A Problem"
Posted by The Dark Knight on November 23, 2009
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People with addictions or disorders can?t receive help until they can see and admit to themselves that they have a problem.
A drug addict isn?t likely to look for treatment until they?ve hit rock bottom. And until that time comes, they?ll live alone in their boat on the river DeNial? friends and family be damned.

Enter NASCAR and their ?Chase.?

When ?The Chase? was introduced in 2004, I wasn?t thrilled? but I gave it a chance. Wearing my ?Optimist? hat, I accept that things change? including rules.

NASCAR wanted to make their racing season exciting and keep the fans? interest the whole year? for whatever reason (enter TV ratings conspiracy here).

?The Chase: Born 2004?

Like it or not, the initial Chase exceeded everyone?s expectations. The championship came down to 3 drivers in the final race and if you were any fan of the sport, you were glued to the TV every single lap? and probably standing inches away from it wondering how it would all end.

It was EVERYTHING that NASCAR and most any racing fan could have hoped it would be.

And if 2004?s Chase was that amazing, what would they be like in the following years?!

Answer: Not much.

Since 2004, ?The Chase? has been, well? a joke. Only one driver and team has managed to qualify for the ?Chase? all 6 years and they?ve figured out how to literally own about 8 (possibly 9) of the 10 tracks in the schedule.

All the hype now surrounding the Chase is who might finish second to the 48 team and who will make it in. In fact, that?s probably the best racing in NASCAR in the four to five races leading up to Richmond: Who will race in and who won?t.

After that? we already know how it ends. We?ve seen this movie on cable a hundred times already.

Oh sure, after the first and maybe the second race in we can look at the points standings and Google how tight the battle is. It?s this temporary interest that NASCAR uses to prove that their Chase ?works.?

But it doesn?t. And it isn?t working. If the intent was to spice things up the final 10 races, it falls way short of its goal if since one team is winning it 66% of the time.

If NASCAR hasn?t any plans to scrap the Chase altogether, hopefully they?ll tweak it in such a manner to liven it up. They?ve modified it once already. Another change is desperately needed.

If they don?t, 2010?s Chase will probably fare no different than 2009? or 2008? or 2007 and so on.

But the first step is admitting there?s a problem.

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