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That Brit From Over There writes:
"I Wanna Be Popular!"
Posted by Riverside on September 2, 2010
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I should have called this post ?So you write an article about Danica Patrick, and everyone sticks their oar in!? But it wouldn?t fit in the title box. But it did get me thinking about popularity. Why have some drivers been as popular as they are, or not as the case may be?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

I?ll start of with him, because I can?t figure out for the life of me why this guy is as popular as he is. Just because he has his dad?s name, he gets a heck of a lot of ad deals, money, sponsorship, etc. and does he deserve it? Well that?s another debate. Dale, Sr. was a great racing driver; you don?t get the nickname ?The Intimidator? for nothing. Dale, Jr. isn?t exactly intimidating, and after 2004, his winning ways seem to have left him.

Kyle Busch

It seems the only thing this man can?t win is the Cup Series title. But he will at a point. He has definitely carved out a place for himself in NASCAR as the bad boy. And everyone loves a bad boy, dividing the NASCAR fan base into lovers and haters. Some say he?s arrogant, I say you have to be arrogant to be a true racing great, and he is well on his way to becoming a fantastic driver.

Jimmie Johnson

For a four time champ, he?s not that popular. In fact, some people are happy that some bad luck has befallen him; people always love a driver who dominates see a somewhat fall from grace. Not being a fan of Jimmie Johnson, seeing the threat of Jimmie being eliminated from the Chase makes the Chase more enticing (though it probably wont happen). Though you can?t deny, while some drivers have their favourite tracks, Jimmie can run his car anywhere, always running upfront no matter what, and you have to admire that.

Just three examples. I'll turn it to you guys, why are some people popular and others not?

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