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The White Flag writes:
"Passing a Long Lost Art in Formula One"
Posted by Cooper on November 15, 2010
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As another season in Formula One is in the history books, one has to wonder will Formula One ever regain it's popularity of the past. The battles of Senna and Prost; Fittipaldi and Stewart and even Schumacher and Hakkinen are long gone. As a child of the 90's I grew up as a formula one fan. Waking up at 7 am to turn on the race rather than cartoons is what I remember the most from my childhood. I was so excilerated by the fast cars and great action, I had always assumed that Formula One would be like that forever. But as we end 2010 the passion is no longer their. And one has to ask why? The cars are nicer, their's more technology and more drivers to choose from. The answer is simple, passing is no longer possible in F1. And I got the stats to prove it:
Average starting position for winner:
2010: 2.00
2005: 3.16
2000: 2.88
1995: 3.47
1990: 3.62
1985: 4.00
1980: 3.21
1975: 4.57
1970: 3.38

That's right folks, you can check the stats but this is actually one of the worse years in F1 history for passing. This year if you didn't start on the front row you my as well packed your bags and headed home. There's going to be people that say "There was alot of passing in the back, not the front". This is also incorrect because I watched the races and there was absolutely no action anywhere on the racetrack. Sure we had some run ins with drivers competing, but this was due to the inability to pass. Every collision was because of one driver trying to hard to make a pass. What happened to setting up a driver and passing him clean? It's gone.

Formula One has more potential that NASCAR has ever had. The speeds are higher, The cars are nicer, the venues are more exotic, and the international flavour makes F1 a world event. But you can't put on an entertaining race, if everyone knows the outcome. There needs to be some random variable in a race that keeps the fans intrigued. Everytime I watched, it was just a long traffic jam of cars running single file til' pitstops. So that is what must change going forward in F1. Now that we know the problem, we must find the solution and here as some of my ideas:

Option 1--No more qualifying, the starting grid is set by lasts race results in inverted order. For example Lewis Hamilton wins at Melbourne, he'll start last at the next event. This would make the races so fun to watch.
Option 2--Give an extra set of tires for those who qualified 5th or worse. Allowing some of the slow teams to have more grip will allow the field to shake up a bit.
Option 3--Throw a competition caution with 10 laps to go, that will assure the fans a good finish

I know these sound like immature suggestions but I know I'm not the only one who is bothered about this. Hopefully the F1 fans on this site will help me out with some ideas. And please if you disagree with my blog, which I'm sure a lot will, let me know. I'm a big boy and can take criticism. Let's make F1 as exciting it was in the past and brainstorm how we can get this sport back to the 80's

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