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Motor Sports Weekly News writes:
"Its That Time of Year Again!"
Posted by drewh on December 27, 2010
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Well it?s that time of year again. Time when the needles from the Christmas tree make the rug look green and half the toys are already broken. Time when things are usually quiet at work as many people take the week off to recover from the stresses of Christmas shopping and prepare for the New Years Eve parties.

It?s also that time when it seems like every reporter, every columnist, and every blogger can?t think of anything to write about except to go back over the news and events of the just concluded racing season. The internet is packed full of articles with titles like; ?2010 Season Recap?, ?Top Ten Stories of 2010?, or ?Best Quotes of 2010?. Yawn. Seems like we?ve heard it all before.

It?s only fair that I point out that there really isn?t much news in the racing world at this time of year. Although most race shops are humming with activity right now getting new cars ready for 2011, there simply isn?t very much hard news coming out of any of them.

So what?s a writer to do except go back over all of his/her notes from the season just concluded and make something coherent out of them. Can?t say I blame them.

Can?t say I want to do the same thing however. I just used a little over 200 words to explain that just like all of the other journalists out there, I have nothing particularly newsworthy to write about this morning.

Oh, I could tell you that the NASCAR prize money totals have been published and it should come as no shock to you that Jimmie Johnson not only won the 2011 championship, but in so doing, he took home more of NASCAR?s money than anyone else too.

Between race winnings, the championship money, and bonus awards, the 48 team raked in a cool $13,393,186.00! Merry Christmas!

I did a little searching around on the internet this morning (What did we do before the web?) trying to find out what some of the drivers in other forms of racing earn. I didn?t spend a lot of time on it but I didn?t find much either.

But I seriously doubt that, with the possible exception of Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel, nobody made any more money than Johnson.

So that just about wraps up the 2010 racing season.

The 2011 season could possibly be one of the best ever. There?s new pavement in Daytona, there will be a Cup race in Kentucky, there?s new life in the Indy Car series with several engine manufacturers participating, at 61 years young, Funny Car driver John Force is hotter than ever, and a teenager will be taking on the veterans in NHRA Pro Stock competition.

Oh but wait, a season preview column is what everybody else will be writing about NEXT week.

Oh well, you heard it here first!

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