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The Racing World writes:
"Another Busch, Another Problem"
Posted by Nick DeGroot on November 26, 2011
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Kurt Busch and especially Kyle have a tremondous amount of talent behind the wheel of a racecar but their actions are speaking louder to us than their driving. Yes, Kurt won the 2004 championship and Kyle has incrediable car control, but that isn't all there is to being a great driver. Did you see Tony rip his way through the pack last Sunday? Did you see everyone giving him room and giving him RESPECT? If that was Kyle or Kurt, no one would have gave them any room and some(Kevin Harvick)would be cutting them off and making it as hard as possible for them. Both have proven that they are sore losers (and sometimes sore winners)and that they have zero respect. Lets take a look at SOME of their "bad" moments...

-Crashes the #5, won't get back in the car and leaves the track
-multiple times where he has sworn at his crew, leaves the track and stomps away from his car
-2011 Darlinton-Harvick bumps Kyle(so Kyle should bump him back) but Kyle turns him into the wall
-2011 Trucks Bristol-Elliott Sadler gets into Kyle so Kyle waits for him and spins him in front of the whole field
2007 Bristol-wins the first ever COT race and he slams the car in victory lane
-Bristol 2010 Nationwide-Wrecks Brad Keselowski for the win
-Nashville 2009 Nationwide-smashes custom made/painted guitar in victory lane
-Texas Trucks 2011-Hornaday accidentally gets into Kyle but Kyle goes and turns Ron head on into the wall under yellow wrecking his own truck in the process. NASCAR parks him and M&M's takes their logos off for the rest of the season
-2011-loses license for 45 days for going 128mph in a 45mph zone
-2010 All-Star Race-his teammate Denny Hamlin blocks him and he goes into the wall. Kyle said that he was going to kill Denny and stomps into the 11 trailer.
-2010 Nashville trucks-He goes into victory lane and gets into Todd Bodines face about a racing incident that cost him the win.
-2006 Coke 600-Mcmurray spins out and kyle can't avoid him. He blames Jamie and throws his Hans device at the #42 car
-2010 Texas-he gives the finger on live TV to a NASCAR official and puts up the other finger when they extend the penalty.
-Kansas 2011-he runs into Joey Coulters door and he gets into a fight with Richard Childress after the race

-gets a DWI in 2005 and is fired by Roush
-2009 Loudon-swears at crew chief Pat Tryson for 2 minutes straight
-2011 Richmond-disrespectful to Roger Penske on the radio calling him dude and being sarcastic
-2007 Dover-drove up to Tony Stewart's door on pit road nearly hitting a crew member
-2011 R26 Richmond-tries to go after Joe Menzer and rips up a piece of paper in the media center that a reporter was trying to show him
-2011 Pocono-mad at J. Johnson about some late race contact and they verbally go at it
-goes off A LOT on the radio and drops f bombs all over the place
-2011 Homestead-gives the finger to someone on live TV
-2011 Homestead-goes off on Dr. Jerry Punch calling him a bunch of names and cussing at him.
-2011 Watkins Glen-a lap down, he wrecks leader AJ Allmendinger in the bus stop

Now, Kurt was pretty good between 2006 and 2009, but he started to become worse and worse throughout 2010 and 2011. Obviously, this subject came up because of the incident at Homestead when Kurt was rude to Dr. Jerry Punch minutes after he had given the finger to someone on National TV. Kurt is infamous for his terrible mouth while Kyle is infamous for his tantrums and storming away from his car. I am not a Busch hater. I think they are both great drivers but their attitudes are absolutely horrible. If you are wondering where they got it from, look no further than their mom. She once said that everyone hated her boys because they are not from the south and they win. No, Mrs. Busch. Maybe it is because they are the most disrespectful NASCAR drivers in the history of the sport. I would like someone to name me one person that has been disrespectful to the Roger Penske ever besides Kurt. We may end up losing both of these guys because of the way they act and that may not be a bad thing to a point. I think NASCAR can do without Kurt, but I think they need Kyle.

Like Dave Despain says, there needs to be the guy that wears the black hat. Maybe NASCAR doesn't need some guy that everyone hates...maybe all they need is someone that can replace the void left by the man in black when he tragically died at Daytona 10 years ago. How about someone that drives on the edge, will win at any cost and refuses to lose. Based on Homestead, I nominate Tony Stewart for that role. He refused to be denied and laid it all out on the line there. He didn't care if he wrecked. All he wanted was that trophy or to end the race on the back of a Wrecker. Every restart, he was 3 wide and he drove threw the field with damage multiple times. Back to the issue, I think NASCAR needs to do more to Kurt. They may have finally opened Kyle's eyes but the $50,000 fine to Kurt is pocket change to him and means nothing. Kyle and Kurt need to straighten up or their NASCAR careers are going to be over fast. I hope they get their acts together before it is too late. As NASCAR likes to say-"you need us a lot more than we need you."

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