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Splash & Go writes:
"More Offseason Viewing"
Posted by Uptight Motorsports Nerd on December 14, 2011
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To date, it seems the best blog I have written is "Recommended Offseason Viewing" from last year. Considering that it was a list of YouTube links to bootlegged races, it doesn't say much for my writing skills, but it made for some good viewing. One year later, I've found more races worth another look.

The first selection is the 2010 Indianapolis 500. A race doesn't have to be old to be a classic. The race started off as the most competitive Indy 500 years, and ended with: I won't spoil the ending for the two hypothetical people that haven't seen it yet. This link will take you to part 2 of 17 and the start of the race.


The second selection is the 2001 German Grand Prix. This was the last race on the long Hockenheim layout. Bernie and friends deleted the first part of the race from YouTube, fortunately the race was red flagged on lap 2 and restarted from the original starting grid. I am sorry to report that I could not find any English language commentary for the race, but anyone who understands Formula 1 (or German) should be able to understand what's happening. In any language, it was one of the best F1 races I have ever seen. This link will take you to part 2 of 13 and the red flag.


The third selection is the 1998 Pocono 500. Here we can remember a time when Jeremy Mayfield wasn't the (allegedly) meth addicted sad sack we know him as today. This was a time when Pocono Raceway was known for having good racing, and this race delivers with lead changes between pit stops and a close finish. I admit holding some prejudice as this was the first race I ever attended. This link will take you to part 1 of 25 and the start of the race.


The fourth selection is the 2002 Brickyard 400. Here is a good race that reminds us why stock cars belong at Indianapolis. I would have written how it didn't offer any baggage in hindsight, but this was the zenith of the feud between Kurt Busch and Jimmy Spencer and Kurt was recently fired from Penske. This link will take you to part 2 of 13 and the start of the race.


The fifth selection is the 1952 Southern 500. There was no television broadcast of this race, but I managed to find two separate 8mm films recorded by fans. It's certainly different from any modern race at Darlington: cars are racing on both the apron and the banking, there's no wall between the pits and the race track, and I can only guess how they dried the track after the rain. Remember that these 8mm cameras could not record sound, so feel free to provide your own. The first link will take you to a 9-minute film taken from the grandstands and various places along the straights. The second link will take you to a 3-minute, 45-second film that includes shots from the entire race weekend.



The sixth selection isn't actually an old race at all. Instead I have found an online version of the arcade (and home console) classic, "Out Run". It's not "Gran Turismo 5," but it's nostalgia that counts. For controls: X key to accelerate, Z key to brake, left & right arrow keys to turn, and up & down keys to shift (this is one of those rare two-speed Ferrari Testarossas). This website has a few glitches, but do not complain: it's free.


The seventh selection is also a video game. This time it's an early racing simulator: 1989's "Indianapolis 500: The Simulation". For controls, A & D keys (or left and right arrow keys) to steer, W or up arrow key to accelerate, X or down arrow key for reverse, S or B keys to brake, P key for pause, number keys 1-9 for turbo boost setting, function keys F1-F10 for lap times and chassis adjustments, = and - keys along with the [ and ] keys for weight jack and roll bar adjustments.


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