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The Monday Morning Crew Chief writes:
"My thoughts: Australian Grand Prix"
Posted by martin-n-rusty on March 18, 2012
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I'll have a short rundown of my thoughts for each F1 race. I might not hit up every race, since some weekends, I might have other plans that might take precedence, but I will do my best to give a rundown on my thoughts and opinions for each F1 race.

- Red Bull has MAJOR competition: McLaren looked INCREDIBLE this weekend. I still have a strong feeling that Vettel will win the championship, I'll stand by that statement, but with a mere mortal like Mark Webber being the #2, I doubt Red Bull will win a constructors title if McLaren races like that this season.

- Where the hell did Maldanado come from?!?: If it wasn't for a late race crash, Williams would of had their best finish since the 2010 Singapore GP. I knew in the back of my mind that Maldanado was going to fail, but not that epically. BUT if he can race like that (except for the last lap of course), I might yet hold some hope for Maldanado, and that Williams might be back on the right track.

- HRT is a bucket of fail: Why do I have a feeling that we are going to end up having Super Aguri, Part 2?!? I really hope not, as I would like to see a ton of competitive teams on the grid, but if HRT can't get their stuff straight to start the season for a second straight year, why should there be hope for them?!? If I was an investor or sponsor, I would be having major questions about them. It's one thing to be a backmarker. It's something totally different when you are scratching and clawing just to get the car put together on race weekend to start the season.

- Iceman cometh?!?: I had said before the start of the season that we could see a wide range of possibilities for Kimi on how well (or not so well) he could do this season. Maybe with a litte more time to re-acclimate into a F1 car again, and he could make Lotus VERY competitive.

- Platapus nose fail: Back to McLaren. They were one of the few (the other being Marussia) to stick with a more conventional nose. They do QUITE well, like I mentioned. Could that make other teams rethink the whole idea of what the front of their cars should look like?!?

- Ferrari looks mortal: I would figure that after having a few "subpar" seasons, that Ferrari would have stepped their game up, but they looked quite mortal, with Ferrari having to scratch and claw with Saubers and Lotuses and such for positions. The Mercedes looked decent before they had their troubles, so could we be talking about Ferrari and Mercedes fighting for 3rd best team?!?

Team Power Rankings
1. McLaren - Wow. That's how you start a season off. Show how fast you are. If it wasn't for Vettel, it would probably had been a laugher for the top two spots at Australia
2. Red Bull - Still a long season, but I think Red Bull might not be as dominant as I thought
3. Sauber - As small a team as it is, they showed some teeth this weekend, finishing quite well. This will probably be the highest I put them this season, just because the team did pretty well at Australia.
4. Ferrari - They get the benefit of the doubt, and maintain a decent spot on my Power Rankings, but if they are going to race like that all season...
5. Lotus - How in the hell did Roman Grosjean qualify so well?!? If he didn't get wrecked by Pastor Maldanado at the start of the race, I think it would of been a safe bet that I would of been putting Lotus in the 3 spot instead of Sauber.
6. Mercedes - They were having a good day, until Michael Schumacher's offroad excusrion killed his car, and Nico Rosberg hit something late. Only down this low because of that. They had a very reasonable weekend until the race day troubles came.
7. Toro Rosso - Jean_Eric Vergne had a quiet and reasonable day, and Daniel Riccardo did allright, being able to score points. All and all, about what you should expect from these guys
8. Williams - Talk about a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type day. You had Bruno Senna bumbling around the circuit, and you had Pastor Maldanado having the ride of his life before wrecking it on the last lap. I'm curious if Maldanado's race showed that Williams has improved, or if that was just an abberation.
9. Force India - They should climb up this list, but if it wasn't for Maldanado's wreck, and Rosberg's damage late, they would of been shut out of the points.
10. Caterham - Still got lots of work to do. I still will hold by my statement of them scoring a point or two, but if Williams is that good as Maldanado showed, I think we still got a decent gap between the 9 teams, and the backmarkers
11. Marussia - 2nd verse, same as first.
12. HRT - To get my inner "Miz" on... Really?!? Really!?! Really?!?

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