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The Monday Morning Crew Chief writes:
"My thoughts: Malaysia(n) Grand Prix"
Posted by martin-n-rusty on March 25, 2012
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I hate when you got stuff to do, and any kind of race gets red flagged, and the finish gets pushed back to later on. Had broomball practice this morning (broomball is a mix of ice hockey and field hockey played by running around on ice. Lot's of fun). Thank god Speed Channel replays the races in the afternoon, and I was able to catch the 2nd half of the race then.

Sergio Perez just might of kicked Felipe Massa out at Ferrari. Even did what the #2 at Ferrari was supposed to do too by letting their #1 win a race, despite performances showing otherwise. Doesn't help when you got a known crybaby being Ferrari's #1 (see Hungary a few year back when this certain crybaby was being beat by a good young newbie). Well Massa, it was nice knowing you as a driver for those red cars. Have a nice career elsewhere.

We need this position. If that was code to Sauber for "you know damn well you better not pass us", that was a good way to BS us into thinking "Sauber needs a good finish". Team orders just plain suck. Just let 'em race! If you can't hold onto a position, it just wasn't meant to be.

Button and Vettel had bad days. First time since Belgium in 2010 that both drivers don't score points in the same race. Vettel I don't know what happened there, but Button, that just doesn't help ya when you run into a backmarker (not anybody's fault, just a still wet track, trying to pass a backmarker). They'll come back at China though, I'll guarantee it.

Williams might not quite yet be back but... They seem to be on the right track. If Maldonado's engine didn't grenade late, it would of probably been the first time both their cars finished in the points since Korea in 2010. If Maldanado didn't piss off a Leprechaun, or walked under some ladders, maybe Williams would be looking even better than they are showing in the points.

I LOVE rain races. Just a great jumbling machine to the standings. Can show a driver's real talent, and not just the cars. HOWEVER...

Let's get serious people. I know it's sometimes frustrating as all hell, but when it's raining buckets, and the drivers can't reasonably race without spinning and shooting off course, it is time to throw out the red flag. And when portions of the track are half flooded, yeah, it's time to stop things. If your 3500 lb car you drive to and from work, or to the races, can hydroplane at 50 mph if it hits a puddle of water, imagine how a 1,500 lb race car going at race speed will react.

This will be a FUN season. Now granted, the rain usually helps jumble things around, like I had mentioned, but imagine if this is how the season is going to be, with anybody with good talent and a decent car is capiable of winning a race.

Power Rankings
1. Sauber - Did I say last week that 3 was the highest they would be?!? That Kobayashi would be looked at to get a good ride eventually?!?
2. Ferrari - I think they just found themselves a new #2, and I don't mean the Sauber team. 1 and 2 are such because if not for Ferrari's BS politics, we know that Himno Nacional Mexicano and Swiss Psalm would of been played, not La Marcha Real and Fratelli d'Italia
3. McLaren - Wow. From looking near invincible to looking very mortal
4. Force India - I would say they would rise up after last week. They did ok
5. Red Bull - Normally, if a Red Bull driver is finishing 7 positions ahead of another, it's usually Vettel making the best of the worst, not Webber
6. Williams - Maldonado craps out late again, thanks to an engine, but I think whatever is wrong with Williams last year, has been, at the very least improved this year
7. Toro Rosso - Again, like last week, doing about what they should, with another reasonable performance.
8. Lotus - Poor Grosjean. Last week, Maldonado spun him out. This week, Mother Nature got him
9. Mercedes - Someone find a way to make those cars work when the tires wear down on these cars... NOW!!!
10. Caterham - Same as last week. At least both cars finished
11. HRT - I'm only putting them at 11 because Narain Karthikeyan trolled the Top 10 when the red flag came out
12. Marussia - Don't worry guys. You should be back in the 11 spot after next race.

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