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Circuit de Monaco



Formula One Series Race Recaps

Click on the race number to see the results of that race.

View Formula One Series driver stats at this track

Race Date Cars Winner(s) St Chassis / Engine Len Sfc Km Pole Speed LC
1950-0205/21/5021Juan Manuel Fangio 1 Alfa Romeo 158 / Alfa Romeo 1.5 L8C3.180S318110.20098.7070
1955-0205/22/5520Maurice Trintignant 9 Ferrari 625 / Ferrari 1063.145S315101.100105.9222
1956-0205/13/5617Stirling Moss 2 Maserati 250F / Maserati 2.5 L63.145S315104.000104.5241
1957-0205/19/5716Juan Manuel Fangio 1 Maserati 250F / Maserati 2.5 L63.145S330102.700104.1722
1958-0205/18/5816Maurice Trintignant 5 Cooper T45 / Climax 2.0 L43.145S31599.800109.4235
1959-0105/10/5916Jack Brabham 3 Cooper T51 / Climax 2.5 L43.145S31599.600107.3073
1960-0205/29/6016Stirling Moss 1 Lotus Mk18 / Climax 2.5 L43.145S31596.300108.6046
1961-0105/14/6117Stirling Moss 1 Lotus Mk18 / Climax 1.5 L43.145S31599.100113.7892
1962-0206/03/6217Bruce McLaren 3 Cooper T60 / Climax 1.5 V83.145S31595.400113.3453
1963-0105/26/6316Graham Hill 2 BRM P57 / BRM 1.5 V83.145S31594.300116.6133
1964-0105/10/6417Graham Hill 3 BRM P261 / BRM 1.5 V83.145S31594.000116.9752
1965-0205/30/6516Graham Hill 1 BRM P261 / BRM 1.5 V83.145S31592.500119.6955
1966-0105/22/6617Jackie Stewart 3 BRM P261 / BRM 1.9 V83.145S31589.900123.1992
1967-0205/07/6716Denny Hulme 4 Brabham BT20 / Repco 3.0 V83.145S31587.600122.0834
1968-0305/26/6816Graham Hill 1 Lotus 49B / Ford Cosworth DFV3.145S25288.200125.2432
1969-0305/18/6916Graham Hill 4 Lotus 49B / Ford Cosworth DFV3.145S25284.600129.0441
1970-0305/10/7016Jochen Rindt 8 Lotus 49C / Ford Cosworth DFV3.145S25284.000131.7282
1971-0305/23/7118Jackie Stewart 1 Tyrrell 003 / Ford Cosworth DFV3.145S25283.200134.3660
1972-0405/14/7225Jean-Pierre Beltoise 4 BRM P160B / BRM P1423.145S25281.400102.7641
1973-0606/03/7326Jackie Stewart 1 Tyrrell 006 / Ford Cosworth DFV3.278S25687.500130.3033
1974-0605/26/7427Ronnie Peterson 3 Lotus 72E / Ford Cosworth DFV3.278S25686.300129.9543
1975-0505/11/7518Niki Lauda 1 Ferrari 312T / Ferrari 0153.278S24686.400121.5572
1976-0605/30/7620Niki Lauda 1Ferrari 312T2 / Ferrari 0153.312S25889.650129.3290
1977-0605/22/7720Jody Scheckter 2Wolf WR1 / Ford Cosworth DFV3.312S25289.860128.1331
1978-0505/07/7820Patrick Depailler 5Tyrrell 008 / Ford Cosworth DFV3.312S24888.340129.3362
1979-0705/27/7920Jody Scheckter 1Ferrari 312T4 / Ferrari 0153.312S25286.450130.9100
1980-0605/18/8020Carlos Reutemann 2Williams FW07B / Ford Cosworth DFV3.312S25284.813130.6771
1981-0605/31/8120Gilles Villeneuve 2Ferrari 126CK / Ferrari 0213.312S25285.710132.0352
1982-0605/23/8220Riccardo Patrese 2Brabham BT49D / Ford Cosworth DFV3.312S25283.281132.2624
1983-0505/15/8320Keke Rosberg 5Williams FW08C / Ford Cosworth DFV3.312S25284.840129.4871
1984-0606/03/8420Alain Prost 1McLaren MP4-2 / TAG Porsche P013.312S10382.661100.7762
1985-0405/19/8520Alain Prost 5McLaren MP4-2B / TAG Porsche P013.312S25880.450138.4354
1986-0405/11/8620Alain Prost 1McLaren MP4-2C / TAG Porsche P013.328S26082.627134.6342
1987-0405/31/8725Ayrton Senna 2Lotus 100T / Honda RA166E3.328S26083.039132.1021
1988-0305/15/8826Alain Prost 2McLaren MP4-4 / Honda RA168E3.328S26083.988132.7971
1989-0305/07/8926Ayrton Senna 1McLaren MP4-5 / Honda RA109A3.328S25682.308135.4010
1990-0405/27/9026Ayrton Senna 1McLaren MP4-5B / Honda RA109E3.328S26081.314138.0970
1991-0405/12/9126Ayrton Senna 1McLaren MP4-6 / Honda RA121E3.328S26080.344137.7850
1992-0605/31/9226Ayrton Senna 3McLaren MP4-7A / Honda RA122E/B3.328S26079.495140.3291
1993-0605/23/9325Ayrton Senna 3McLaren MP4-8 / Ford HBE73.328S26080.557138.8372
1994-0405/15/9425Michael Schumacher 1Benetton B194 / Ford ECA Zetec-R3.328S26078.560141.6910
1995-0505/28/9526Michael Schumacher 2Benetton B195 / Renault RS73.328S26081.952137.6043
1996-0605/19/9622Olivier Panis14Ligier JS43 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HA3.328S25080.356124.0145
1997-0505/11/9722Michael Schumacher 2Ferrari F310B / Ferrari Type 046/23.366S20978.216104.2640
1998-0605/24/9821Mika Hakkinen 1McLaren MP4-13 / Mercedes-Benz FO110G3.367S26379.798141.4590
1999-0405/16/9922Michael Schumacher 2Ferrari F399 / Ferrari Type 0483.367S26380.547143.8651
2000-0706/04/0022David Coulthard 3McLaren MP4-15 / Mercedes-Benz FO110J3.370S26379.475144.0721
2001-0705/27/0122Michael Schumacher 2Ferrari F2001 / Ferrari Type 0503.370S26377.430146.8823
2002-0705/26/0222David Coulthard 2McLaren MP4-17 / Mercedes-Benz FO 110M3.370S26376.676149.2800
2003-0706/01/0320Juan Pablo Montoya 3Williams FW25 / BMW P833.370S26375.250154.1457
2004-0605/23/0420Jarno Trulli 1Renault R24 / Renault RS243.370S25973.985147.1915
2005-0605/22/0518Kimi Raikkonen 1McLaren MP4-20 / Mercedes-Benz FO 110R3.370S263150.323147.9150
2006-0705/28/0622Fernando Alonso 1Renault R26 / Renault RS263.340S26173.962150.7082
2007-0505/27/0722Fernando Alonso 1McLaren MP4-22 / Mercedes FO 108T3.340S26176.059155.5524
2008-0605/25/0820Lewis Hamilton 3McLaren MP4-23 / Mercedes FO 108V3.340S25475.787129.4913
2009-0605/24/0920Jenson Button 1Brawn BGP 001 / Mercedes FO 108W3.340S26174.902155.1672
2010-0605/16/1024Mark Webber 1Red Bull RB6 / Renault RS27-20103.340S26173.826141.8150
2011-0605/29/1124Sebastian Vettel 1Red Bull RB7 / Renault RS27-20113.340S26173.556120.5743
2012-0605/27/1224Mark Webber 1Red Bull RB8 / Renault RS27-20123.340S26174.301147.3124
2013-0605/26/1322Nico Rosberg 1Mercedes F1 W04 / Mercedes FO 108Z3.340S26173.876113.3780
2014-0605/25/1422Nico Rosberg 1Mercedes F1 W05 / Mercedes PU106A3.340S26175.989142.8020

61 races

Formula E Series Race Recaps

Click on the race number to see the results of that race.

View Formula E Series driver stats at this track

Race Date Cars Winner(s) St Make / Model Len Sfc Km Pole Speed LC
2014-0705/09/1520Sebastien Buemi 1Spark-Renault SRT_01E1.765S8353.478103.5060

1 race