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Silverstone Circuit

Silverstone, England


USAC Champ Car / Gold Crown Series Race Recaps

Click on the race number to see the results of that race.

View USAC Champ Car / Gold Crown Series driver stats at this track

Race Date Cars Winner(s) St Chassis / Engine Len Sfc Miles Purse Pole Cau Laps Speed LC
1978-1610/01/7816A.J. Foyt10Coyote / Foyt2.932R111178,250128.429611104.3615

1 race

Formula One Series Race Recaps

Click on the race number to see the results of that race.

View Formula One Series driver stats at this track

Race Date Cars Winner(s) St Chassis / Engine Len Sfc Km Pole Speed LC
1950-0105/13/5021Nino Farina 1 Alfa Romeo 158 / Alfa Romeo 1.5 L8C4.649R325110.800146.3784
1951-0507/14/5120Jose Froilan Gonzalez 1 Ferrari 375 / Ferrari 4.5 V124.649R418103.400154.6936
1952-0507/19/5232Alberto Ascari 2 Ferrari 500 / Ferrari 2.0 L44.710R400110.000146.3211
1953-0607/18/5329Alberto Ascari 1 Ferrari 500 / Ferrari 2.0 L44.710R424108.000149.6280
1954-0507/17/5432Jose Froilan Gonzalez 2 Ferrari 625 / Ferrari 1074.710R424105.000144.3351
1956-0607/14/5628Juan Manuel Fangio 2 Lancia Ferrari D50 / Lancia Ferrari 2.5 V84.710R476101.000158.7783
1957-0507/20/5719Tony Brooks 3 Vanwall / Vanwall 2.5 L44.828R435120.200139.7042
1958-0707/19/5820Peter Collins 6 Ferrari Dino 246 / Ferrari 1434.710R35399.400164.2351
1960-0707/16/6025Jack Brabham 1 Cooper T53 / Climax 2.5 L44.710R36394.600174.9402
1963-0507/20/6323Jimmy Clark 1 Lotus 25 / Climax 1.5 V84.710R38694.400172.7592
1965-0507/10/6522Jimmy Clark 1 Lotus 33 / Climax 1.5 V84.710R37790.800180.2820
1967-0607/15/6721Jimmy Clark 1 Lotus 49 / Ford Cosworth DFV4.710R37785.300189.3402
1969-0607/19/6917Jackie Stewart 2 Matra MS80 / Ford Cosworth DFV4.710R39680.800204.8103
1971-0607/17/7124Jackie Stewart 2 Tyrrell 003 / Ford Cosworth DFV4.710R32078.100209.9871
1973-0907/14/7329Peter Revson 3 McLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV4.710R31676.300212.0511
1975-1007/19/7526Emerson Fittipaldi 7 McLaren M23 / Ford Cosworth DFV4.719R26479.360193.1519
1977-1007/17/7726James Hunt 1McLaren M26 / Ford Cosworth DFV4.719R32178.490209.8022
1979-0907/14/7924Clay Regazzoni 4Williams FW07 / Ford Cosworth DFV4.719R32171.880223.8321
1981-0907/18/8124John Watson 5McLaren MP4 / Ford Cosworth DFV4.719R32171.000221.5373
1983-0907/16/8326Alain Prost 3Renault RE40 / Renault-Gordini EF14.719R31669.462224.0504
1985-0807/21/8526Alain Prost 3McLaren MP4-2B / TAG Porsche P014.719R30765.591235.4054
1987-0707/12/8726Nigel Mansell 2Williams FW11B / Honda RA167E4.778R31167.110235.2911
1988-0807/10/8826Ayrton Senna 3McLaren MP4-4 / Honda RA168E4.778R31170.133199.7821
1989-0807/16/8926Alain Prost 2McLaren MP4-5 / Honda RA109A4.778R30669.099231.1681
1990-0807/15/9026Alain Prost 5Ferrari 641 / Ferrari 0364.778R30667.428233.6775
1991-0807/14/9126Nigel Mansell 1Williams FW14 / Renault RS35.226R30880.939211.2090
1992-0907/12/9226Nigel Mansell 1Williams FW14B / Renault RS45.226R30878.965215.8280
1993-0907/11/9325Alain Prost 1Williams FW15C / Renault RS55.226R30879.006216.0302
1994-0807/10/9426Damon Hill 1Williams 3FW16 / Renault RS65.057R30384.960202.1442
1995-0807/16/9524Johnny Herbert 5Benetton B195 / Renault RS75.057R30888.124195.6836
1996-1007/14/9620Jacques Villeneuve 2Williams FW18 / Renault RS85.072R30986.875199.5763
1997-0907/13/9722Jacques Villeneuve 1Williams FW19 / Renault RS95.140R30381.598206.7034
1998-0907/12/9822Michael Schumacher 2Ferrari F300 / Ferrari Type 0475.140R30883.271172.8690
1999-0807/11/9922David Coulthard 3McLaren MP4-14 / Mercedes-Benz FO110H5.140R30884.804200.0385
2000-0404/23/0022David Coulthard 4McLaren MP4-15 / Mercedes-Benz FO110J5.141R30885.703208.3365
2001-1107/15/0121Mika Hakkinen 2McLaren MP4-16 / Mercedes-Benz FO 110K5.141R30880.447216.3043
2002-1007/07/0221Michael Schumacher 3Ferrari F2002 / Ferrari Type 0515.141R30878.998201.7173
2003-1107/20/0320Rubens Barrichello 1Ferrari F2003-GA / Ferrari Type 0525.141R30881.209208.9466
2004-1107/11/0420Michael Schumacher 4Ferrari F2004 / Ferrari Type 0535.141R30878.233218.4781
2005-1107/10/0520Juan Pablo Montoya 3McLaren MP4-20 / Mercedes-Benz FO 110R5.141R30879.905219.0436
2006-0806/11/0622Fernando Alonso 1Renault R26 / Renault RS265.141R30880.253215.5422
2007-0907/08/0722Kimi Raikkonen 2Ferrari F2007 / Ferrari 0565.141R30379.885226.4823
2008-0907/06/0820Lewis Hamilton 4McLaren MP4-23 / Mercedes FO 108V5.141R30881.049186.6493
2009-0806/21/0920Sebastian Vettel 1Red Bull RB5 / Renault RS275.141R30879.509223.4622
2010-1007/11/1024Mark Webber 2Red Bull RB6 / Renault RS27-20105.891R30689.615217.0880
2011-0907/10/1124Fernando Alonso 3Ferrari 150 Italia / Ferrari 0565.891R30690.399207.2462
2012-0907/08/1224Mark Webber 2Red Bull RB8 / Renault RS27-20125.891R306111.746215.6623
2013-0806/30/1322Nico Rosberg 2Mercedes F1 W04 / Mercedes FO 108Z5.891R30689.607197.5662
2014-0907/06/1422Lewis Hamilton 6Mercedes F1 W05 / Mercedes PU106A5.891R30695.766125.0913

49 races

American Le Mans Series Race Recaps

Click on the race number to see the results of that race.

View American Le Mans Series driver stats at this track

Race Date Cars Winner(s) Class St Make / Model Len Sfc Miles Pole Cau Laps Speed LC
2000-0305/13/0035J.J. Lehto
Jorg Muller
LMP 5BMW V12 LMR3.194R313118.504  107.2708

1 race